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If your business is looking to advertise on Google or on Bing then what you’re looking for is paid search.

Search marketing allows you to target customers who are looking for your business. For example: if you’re a dentist and want’s to target customers who are searching for “dentist that accepts cigna” then you would buy that keywords. Search marketing works through the purchase of search keywords. As a business you would buy keywords based on the product or service that you’re selling. Then your ad will show when customers are search for those keywords. Results are instantly since your ads are shown as soon as you start your campaign.

If you would like to learn more about paid search and how it can help your business then feel free to contact us.

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Unlike Goolge Or Bing ads where you’re targeting is done through keywords. Facebook advertising is done though audience targeting. You create your audience based on your product or service persona, so you’re targeting customers who are most likely to buy your product.

Facebook also has another way of targeting call Remarketing, so you’re showing your ads to people who have already visited your site. Have you ever seen those ads that follow you. Those are call remarketing ads.

If you’re doing Paid Search then Facebook remarketing ads are a must. When a customer that came in through your search campaign leave your site, that will be the only time they will know about your site. Now, if you have a Facebook remarketing campaign, that customer is going to resee your ad again through Facebook or Instagram multiple times until they buy your product/service.

If you have any questions regarding Facebook ads then feel free to contct us.

Unlike Paid search where you buy keywords to target your customer, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is more about ranking higher organically on search results. The goal of SEO is to take a keyword and make your website pop up on the first organic position of Google or Bing. Imagine if you were a dentist and your website poped up on first position for the keyword “Best Dentist In The U.S” you would be getting tons of traffic to your site. Traffic that you’re not paying for.

SEO does take longer to implement and it’s not instantly like paid search, but the benefits are that you will eventually lower your paid search budget sinc e you will be getting traffic organiccaly. Try searching for your own product or service and see what position you’re ranking. That will tell you whether you should invest on SEO.

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If you’re in stage where you think it’s time to start branding then Youtube ads are a great choice to let your customers around you know about the product or services that you’re offering. Youtube targeting works through keyword or audience targeting. You can also choose the youtube channels you want to show your ad too. Since YouTube is own by Google, so if you’re already running search ads you can easily build a Youtube campaign in the Google Ads Platform.

Remarketing ads are also possible with Youtube ads. You can show your video to customers who landed on your page everytime they go on Youtube.

The Catch: Your Ad must grab the attention of the cutsomer within 5 seconds of the ad or else your ad getsImage result for youtube skip ad button"

The best youtube ad usually are able to grab the attention of the user from the begining, allowing them to keep on watching.

If you’re interested in running youtube ads then feel free contact us.

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When it comes to your business website, your site should be really flexible and eays to edit. Some of these web development companies create website that they can only edit. The website becomes none flexible and any changes that you may have will cost you more. We create website using wordpress which allows you to be really flexible and allows you to hire any wordpress developers to do any changes you need without being stuck to just one development company. Your site will change based on the customers behaviour which we analyze. Our website are built for marketing. We build site based on customer behaviour to get you the most sales you need.

Step 1

We Analyze Your Customers

At Break Balance We Use Analytical tools to see how your customer behaves and then make decisions based on that.


Paid Search Marketing
$500 or 20% Of Budget
This plan is for Google Ads search marketing. This plan is good for company who have products or services that are mostly search for
Certified Account Manager
Unlimited Campaigns
Website Analysis
Monthly Meetings
Facebook Advertising
$500 or 20% Of Budget
This plan is for facebook advertising. It's good for companies that have something to show such as hairstylist or restaurants.
Account Manager
Unlimited Campaigns
Remarketing Campaigns
Monthly Meetings
WordPress Website
Starting At $1000
What's the difference when marketers build your site instead of a developer. Marketers builds sites that sell and not just look pretty.
Small And Big Businesses
Created To Convert
Ecommerce Available
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